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Introduction: Defense Technology


In this world of disasters and where criminal activities are worldwide spread, defense technology systems are important. Rebels and terrorists are threatening the whole world with war. Nations against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms are arising due to conflicts over resources and territories.

There are massive killings in many parts of the world. Crying, wailing and sorrows are heard everywhere. Innocent victims arouse compassion from people who are watching the news. Foreigners needed to be laid off from work and sent home. The occurrence of wars does not discriminate against anyone. Everyone is involved even innocent civilians, women, and children.

In these dreadful situations, who can deny the need for defense technologies? Just as our body provides a defense mechanism to protect our body and just as animals have a defense mechanism to protect themselves too, we desperately need this kind of security system. It is not only ourselves that will benefit but also the people around us such as our families, neighbors, and other people.


As technology accelerates life, it also provides protection. Defense technology systems underwater, in the air, and in the land are now upgrading in creation and production. Enemies can attack anytime via underwater, air, or land. Missiles and anti-missiles are the leading defense systems in the air while submarines are the leading defense technology underwater. On the other hand, military tanks and other equipment are used on the land for land defense systems.

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